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It's also here to help us plan for the future. With Taurus energy, slow and steady often wins the race — which is a major energetic departure from the impulsive, fearless, charge-ahead vibe of Aries season. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what to expect during the upcoming sun season.

Working hard and reaping the benefits of our hard efforts will elevate us to embrace the earthy spirit of the lovely Bull. Of course, the coming month will bring all different sorts of ups and downs for everyone, so here's what Taurus season means for each zodiac sign so you can grab a sneak peek of what's in store. Venus-ruled Taurus may be at the helm, but don't go overboard in the luxury department, Aries. A little frugality now will bode well for a more free-spirited summer. I have faith that you can reign in the impulsiveness for a later payoff. You're going to have an extra pep in your step and a sparkle in your eye, so use your charms to make as much magic happen during this transit as possible.

Enjoy your time in the sun soaking up springtime merriments," shares Stardust.

Here’s What Taurus Season 12222 Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sing in the rain through April's showers and prepare for the sweet-smelling bloomage of May flowers. You're still on your big-deal quest for spiritual growth this season, Gem, and you're all up in your head given your airy, intellectual nature.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

But try calling on Taurus' earthy, sensual vibe to help ground you in your practice. Focus on mind, body, and spirit self-care. It's been a rough go lately, but the sun is a-shinin' now, and it's time for you to come out of your proverbial shell and let your social side sparkle. Aries season put a fire under your never-endingly lofty career goals, and Taurus season is looking just as fire. So rest assured — despite everything else going on in your life, you won't be losing any momentum.

Some major personal shifts are taking place this season, darlin' Virgo, and you're craving some mental stimulation to guide you on your fresh path. You're just coming off back to back full moons in your sign, Libra, so you can bet you'll be feeling extra magical this season. Embrace your spiritual energy and don't get too in your head about it! Expanding on the strengths of the Taurus sign is a key to a happy life. Their top traits are that of an easy-going personality that is patient, funny, and kind.

Kindness and calmness are two cornerstones of every Taurus personality type. Those that make up the Taurus zodiac will always be known as strong individuals who were able to provide practical support, but more importantly, a calming sense of peace with their presence. When the Bull does not want to move, it will take the heavens and earth to get them to budge.

Incredibly stubborn and often lazy, the Taurus is not unfamiliar with taking life too slow at times when a sense of urgency would be more appropriate. The Taurus is so easy going, that conflict may seem like a rarity in the life of this zodiac sign. However, there are some essential weaknesses that stir the Taurus with stress anxiety.

21 Personality Secrets of Taurus Zodiac Sign

These include facets of urgency that are almost like kryptonite. The Taurus zodiac sign will struggle in conflict when rushed decisions need to be made, or when they are put on the spot and demanded answers. These approaches will make the Taurus feel trapped. And of course, whenever the Taurus sign feels attacked or backed up into a corner, the they will retaliate. Taureans are ruled by Venus and are true romantics at heart. True connection in meaningful shared experience and deep conversations are the fire and tinder that start love relationships for the Taurus.

The love life of the Taurus is incredibly emotional and exciting. One of the key distinguishing factors of the loving Taurus is the sense of dedication it comes to relationships. Solidity in digging your feet into the ground and committing to making it work makes Taureans excellent life partners. Read the Taurus Love horoscope to understand what attracts the Taurus to a potential relationship. Many Taurus relationships start with a hot physical attraction that develops into deep emotional bonds.

Flirty and vivacious, the Taurus follows their intuition and is incredibly connected to the gut feelings of what he or she wants. The Taurus thrives in physical connection and lives to share that indulgence in an intimate relationship. To understand how Taureans approach love and sex, read the Taurus Sex horoscope. When it comes to romance, the Taurus is not interested in playing games. Other signs, including zodiacs ruled by the Earth element, will find strong compatibility between one another.

Taking things slow, and enjoying all the small moments in between, are the name of the game when it comes to finding a compatible suitor for the Taurus lover.

Taurus traits and personality explained

The most compatible zodiac signs to pair with the Taurus include the Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Read more about Taurus zodiac compatibility with other signs to understand which qualities work well with each other. The trick to courting a Taurus is finding a fine line between meaningful connection and fun. Because of their easy-going attitude, something too serious may scare a Taurus away.

On the other hand, spending time only at the superficial level can be boring.

Your Taurus Zodiac Sign

The key to success in gaining the attention of the Taurus zodiac sign is to display your own unique characteristics with all the confidence possible. The Taurus is focused on what is real and honest and will laugh at any facade put on display.

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Persistence rules the Taurus work ethic. In many work environments, the Taurus is often called in to complete what others may struggle to finish.

When looking at the long haul of life goals, career path and professional development — the Taurus stays headstrong in what their pursuits are and how to achieve them. However, because the Taurus is equally emotional and stubborn, they need to strive to find stability and balance in managing conflict and knowing when to let go. Read more in your Daily Taurus Career horoscope to understand what challenges the Taurus experiences, and how to overcome them, in the office or workplace.

Just like with food and wine, the Taurus loves to enjoy all that life has to offer. In contrast to the disciplined Capricorn, the Taurus is willing to spend their money and resources on experiences that bring pleasure and joy into their lives. Luxury is a common selling point for any Taurus. If life is presenting a new career or investment opportunity - read the Taurus Money horoscope to understand what next steps the universe points to. The diamond brings good luck and fortune but also mirrors what kind of personality type the Taurus displays. Sapphire is a deep, blue gemstone that highlights the depth of emotion and feelings that the Taurus secretly carries within.

Garnet benefits the Taurus by providing a steady stream of revitalization, passion, and calmness. Rose quartz provides a healing element that brings balance and guidance to the Taurus, especially in emotional moments of pressure.

Taurus in the Horoscope - The Taurus Zodiac Sign Traits in Astrology

Greetings, Earthlings! So already we are starting October feeling a little bit behind the magic 8 ball. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be leaving the sign of Libra to enter the mysterious sign of Scorpio on October 3rd. Taurus Zodiac Sign. Weekly Forecast. Element: Earth The zodiac element of Earth reflects personalities that are grounded and rooted in the present.