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Long story short…I wound up here. I knew that because the number 7 has been significant in every area of my life since childhood. Because halfway through reading this article, I found myself crying harder and more deeply than I have since childhood. I had to analyze what was happening and what exactly it was about what I was reading that made me have such a strong emotional reaction. I can tell you exactly what it is…and perhaps there are other 7s that can relate to this.

Not just accepted, but to see and believe that another person actually understands me. I appreciate you so much for sharing this information. I can completely relate to the way you felt as I cried too and im a mostly feminine woman if it makes you feel better. Many times people are not even friends because they genuinely like the person, more so of what they can gain from that relationship. Be well!

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Funny, you said 7 was significant as a child, me too!!! For what ever reason I would often simply think about the number 7, I would see it all the time. As far as being understood…. I understand that too!!! This information has helped me so much to understand myself, why I react to certain situations or not react, my feelings, behaviors etc I am reading about myself like others have described.

This information lifts so much heaviness from my heart. Thank you so much. And I do have a three as my day of birth too. Quest for knowledge and learning is our lifeline. And I like the way you say even IF we get married— that is my greatest fear, I may as well consider myself and old maid in my forties. One 3 when I had the time of my life and so did he with me and on the side. And I loath working with anyone. A good one for you, I was told by a physicist that I spoke and thought like a scientist.. I may be off now to look for a 4 or a 9, or not bother at all. I think my childhood best friend got closest to that and no one since then.

I felt I was alone, but never lonely. I also happen to be a Reflector in the human design, even more incredibly odd! I am sought after by many as I perform, speak and write. Been a writer since in HS.

Am now an actor and speaker. I think we all should know this.

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This article was very help full. Like where Isolation is a big factor about me. I been a full born addict for nearly 20 years, isolating from all family including my only daughter. It has been a rough road but in the last 8, nearly 9 months, I have stopped using drugs, reunited with my family and just starting to try and figure myself out. This shines a little light but, I am so desperate to find out more about myself so I can really start to live again. Thank you for the info. I feel like I understand much more about my entity.

It begins the moment the curtain opens on your life and sets you on the road you will travel. Your Life Path reveals the opportunities and challenges you will encounter throughout your journey.

28 December Top 25 Facts You Need To Know | BirthdayAnswers

View a sample here. Or download the app below for instant access to your free 8-page Personal Reading — a small part of our Personality Profile. All rights reserved. Read the meaning of your Life Path below. But you are not born without talents and the tools you will need to realize them. If you have a 2 or an 11 Life Path number If you have a 3 Life Path number If you have a 4 or a 22 Life Path number Person Born on December 28th If you are born on December 28th then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on December 28th Sun will be in same position.

Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on December 28th.

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Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on December 28th on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali.. Characteristics: You possess an extremely active, resourceful brain. Friends: You may have a huge numbers of friends at your school life.

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Health: This is a good news that you dont need to be worried too much regarding your health because you have possessed a huge amount of immunity which may help you to fight against all kinds of elements. Colours: All shades of gold are favourable for those who are working in the private sectors. Finance: You are more or less lucky in terms of financial matter. Career: You may start your career with the field of business.

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