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This is the fundamental life lesson of the Dragon. In the home, Dragons are loving and protective people. Their zealousness can sometimes be quite tiring for their more placid family members, but though they may feel worn out at times, they feel deep pride for their passionate scaly relative. Dragons must always have special missions in life. This is the leader who fights for a noble cause or the one-man-army that seeks to right the wrongs of the world.

The Dragon female is strong-willed and strong-minded. However, she will not go out of her way to choose a love interest. It is very important for the Dragon lady to be respected by her love interest. Without that respect — ideally, a mutual one — the relationship is doomed to fail. Anyone who tries to dominate or overpower her will swiftly be shown the door. She benefits most from a partner who is strong and stable, who respects her but is not afraid to speak their mind when they feel she is doing something wrong. The Dragon male usually either marries young or not at all.

Known as the quintessential eligible bachelor, the Dragon male is rarely without admirers or followers. He is not very interested in frivolous partners. Above all, he likes his partner to have a good brain on them! As someone very passionate and dedicated to his chosen cause or profession, his ideal partner would have to be understanding of this and realise they can never quite fully claim his full attention.

But the Dragon is a loyal and appreciative soul and will find other ways to make his beloved feel appreciated. Whether male or female, the Chinese Zodiac Dragon in love is an exciting and passionate partner — if it is fireworks and passion you seek, this is the Chinese Zodiac sign for you! The Dragon is part of the First Trine in the Chinese Zodiac, a group of three animals that are mostly known as doers and achievers.

Because of their shared interests and attributes, the Dragon is most compatible with the other two animals in this Trine, the Rat and Monkey — especially the Monkey! The Monkey is quite irresistible to the Dragon with their wit and cunning charm. As a team, they are the ultimate power couple.

This is a pairing that can achieve great things, both for themselves and their communities. The Dragon is least compatible with the Dog , and vice versa. In the Circle of Conflict, the Dragon and Dog stand on opposite sides to one another, highlighting their often irreconcilable differences. Dogs are great believers in fairness and equality for all; Dragons, on the other hand, believe in hierarchy, usually with themselves at the helm. The Dragon, however, is not the deepest person around and because of this, the Dog sees only blustering ego.

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Needless to say, this is not a match made in heaven! Chinese Zodiac Dragons are highly adaptable and can fit in easily to pretty much any role, but they thrive when they are able to lead and exert their influence in its greatest form. Dragons like to succeed, so whatever profession they choose they are guaranteed to make it to the top. With their excellent people skills and flamboyant gestures, Dragons make excellent lawyers, able to state their case effectively in a hall chock full of people. They also make excellent architects, putting their thirst for curiosity and eagerness into discovering new and exciting things to show the world.

They also make wonderful entrepreneurs, artists, politicians and photographers. In the business world, Dragons can usually be found in CEO positions or as public relations executives. Dragons have incredible people skills and they thrive when able to put this to good use!


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Dragons are not spendthrift, but neither are they penny-pinchers such as the Rat. In fact, Dragons fall somewhere into a healthy in-between. While not typically willing to splash out on unnecessary luxury, they are happy to treat loved ones to an evening out at their favourite restaurant. They are not shopaholics of any sort, but when a Chinese Zodiac Dragon does splurge on something particularly shiny, they will keep it close to them, in mint condition, for years and years to come.

Though driven to succeed, Dragons are not motivated by money so much as they are motivated by power. Money is simply a welcome bonus. The Dragon will not usually want for money and they are good at managing their finances as they are not prone to impulse buys. The Dragon is also a generous creature, more than willing to help out a friend in need who asks for it.

What is a Dragon in Chinese zodiac?

The most strong-willed of all the Dragons, Metal Dragons are truly a force to reckon with. A dramatic character with flair, as soon as this Chinese Zodiac Dragon walks into a room, people know about it. A naturally combative person, they have little patience for foolish individuals and will seek out people who are on the same intellectual and dynamic level as they.

The Metal Dragon has a tendency to intimidate others and, if this stems out of control, can descend into bullying. This is an incredible warrior, the type that people look to in times of hardship or struggle. They will fight to the death to uphold their code of conduct and protect the weak and vulnerable. A truly noble character, they will go where angels do not dare tread. This Dragon must keep an eye on their fanaticism, however, as this can get out of hand if they are not careful. A patient Dragon who is willing to wait for results rather than blast through and demand them, Water Dragons are the most forgiving of all Dragons and will not seek revenge if they have been thwarted.

The Water in this Dragon helps to ground and calm them so they do not get carried away with their abundance of fire. They are excellent diplomats and negotiators and can see the bigger picture when others fail to.

Dragon man

To the Chinese, the Dragon is born in the most desirable year. Possessing magical powers, the versatile Dragon is capable of soaring to the highest heavenly heights or diving to the depths of the sea. On one hand shrewd, healthy and full of vitality, the Dragon also possesses a mystical side, intuitive, artistic and strangely lucky. However, Dragons can plunge pretty low, becoming irritable, stubborn and impetuous.

The Dragon's mystical allure may become a bit too other worldly, making him or her difficult to get close to.


A Dragon's unsatisfactory love life may lead to a string of loves and marriages. Believing themselves invincible, Dragons must beware of excesses, for with their uncommon strength, they can harm themselves, or "scorch their wings. Flexible and accommodating, they fit in with whatever is going on around them -- but for only as long as it suits them. This is because they are self-determined types and don't take kindly to being dominated by others.

Although seemingly affable and agreeable, they can be as ferocious and dangerous as the mythical beast on whom the sign is based. Temperamentally, Dragons are somewhat hot-headed and quick-tempered; when angered they will give as good as they get. Dragons can also be hypocritical if things are not quite right or not up to their expectations. Dragons are idealists and perfectionists; they demand a lot and they give a lot. Enthusiastic to the point of impetuosity, Dragons have big mouths.

Their words overrun their thoughts, and their hearts run away with their heads. Intellectually, they are clever, bright, sharp people, yet on occasion they will throw all logic to the wind and follow their hunches. Fortunately for them, they are strong on intuition and invariably all works out well. In a confrontation, Dragons have a tendency to misjudge the situation, and are not too adept at extricating themselves from difficulties.