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This total lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, plus much of Europe and Africa.

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One semester six lunar months or six new moons after the January , , partial solar eclipse, a total eclipse of the sun will take place on July 2, Then the partial lunar eclipse on July 16, , will happen one semester six lunar months or six full moons after the January total lunar eclipse.

Fortnight approximate two-week separation between solar and lunar eclipses.

A solar eclipse always takes place within one fortnight of any lunar eclipse. This year, we have a pair of eclipses one solar and one lunar in January and then in July We also have an annular solar eclipse on December 26, , followed by the penumbral lunar eclipse of January 10, Although this pair of eclipses one solar and one lunar straddles different years, these eclipses are still one fortnight apart:. Somewhat rarely, a solar eclipse can occur one fortnight before and after a lunar eclipse. This most recently happened last year, in Somewhat rarely, a lunar eclipse can come one fortnight before and after a solar eclipse.

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Retrieved Inconstant Moon. Cyclopedia Selenica. Retrieved 19 December MacRobert July 16, The troposphere and stratosphere act together as a ring-shaped lens that refracts heavily reddened sunlight into Earth's umbral shadow.

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Danjon scale Gamma. Categories : Astronomical events Eclipses Lunar eclipses Lunar observation. For three eclipses to occur, the first one has to come quite early in the eclipse season to allow for a third eclipse near the end. Eclipses are all about alignments. In a solar eclipse, the sun, moon and Earth line up, with the moon in the middle. Image via NASA. In a lunar eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon line up, with the Earth in the middle.

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This time around, there are 2 eclipses in one eclipse season. The solar eclipse on December 26, , happens about 4 days before the middle of the eclipse season, whereas the lunar eclipse on January 10, , comes a solid 11 days after the midpoint of the eclipse season. On January 10, , the new moon misses the dark umbral shadow but goes through the faint penumbra, to present a barely perceptible eclipse.

However, if an eclipse happens fairly close to the mid-point of the eclipse season, as does the annular solar eclipse on December 26, , then you have a central eclipse.

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Whenever these lunar nodes point directly at the sun, it marks the midpoint of the eclipse season. The lunar nodes line up with the sun in periods of about Therefore, the middle of the eclipse season will next recur around the June solstice, when the line of nodes once again points directly at the sun. In the above diagram, the line of nodes does not point at the sun.

See the illustration of these eclipses below. Image via Wikipedia.

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On the other hand, the solar eclipse on June 21, , which takes place almost dead center in the eclipse season, will present a central eclipse, exhibiting an annular eclipse of the sun. See above.