Year of the water snake horoscope

For once this sign is destined to gain recognition for his unique contribution and his participation in future projects will be highly sought after. The Snake is likely to be extremely focused and willing to meet all targets, goals and deadlines. There are big changes ahead for which will bring much happiness and satisfaction.

Snake 2020 chinese horoscope

Their professional future looks very bright and encouraging according to the Chinese Snake horoscope charts. These people will get a break in their careers this year and the chance to make their mark.

Others will follow their lead and give much credit to their common sense approach. This zodiac will be appropriately rewarded for all the time and effort he has put in to gain the desired result.

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The Snake may gain from networking with the right people and there could be many new contracts signed. Those who are looking for work may be drawn to charitable organisations. They may be more spiritually inclined this year. In their finances, the Snakes may well gain in pay rises and other advancements. If they are thinking of investments, they should be wary that any financial advice they take comes from a publically rated source.

Chinese Astrology: Water Snake

The Sign is not a natural risk-taker and should stick to tried and tested means of making money. They should beware of any Rat people who may try to mislead or confuse them. There is likely to be an important contract signed in which will bring in more cash and boost financial prospects. This is a year to work hard, dedicate their time and efforts safe in the knowledge that this will be rewarded and their loyalty and determination is given the recognition it truly deserves.

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Snake folk may need to take better care of their health. They may be more vulnerable to picking up infections and these could weaken their immune systems They must ensure they get enough sleep so that when they wake up each day, they are refreshed and ready to face the new challenges coming their way.

Money and career predictions

Diets may need to be revised, particularly if Snake people have a sweet tooth. Those in favour of colonic irrigation should not be deterred but I would strongly recommend herbal remedies which could have the same desired effect without such a harsh regime. Those who love rich foods might need to change their diets this year. The Thinker Rooster. Facebook 0.

Chinese Zodiac - Snake

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The element Water is believed to bring about a greater understanding based on effective communication which is why this Snake is not only a smooth talker but a great listener too. When conversing with the Water Snake, people are apt to divulge their innermost secrets and buried memories of which they may have spoken to no one but their therapist. In this way the Water Snake is capable of using verbal and non-verbal cues to reach out to others and help them to open up. However there is no guarantee that the Water Snake will never use their communication skills to pursue their own agenda.

Another drawback associated with the Water Snake is tendency to take things too easy. As it is, the Snake is not the most dynamic of the animal signs on the Chinese zodiac.

The Water Snake

Then again the intrinsic sensuous nature of the Snake can be in this case prone to a hedonistic excess when their interests are not tempered with reason and good sense. Skip to main content.

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