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Peter and Rockie had a son, Jeremy, born in and in the small Gardiner family moved to Los Angeles, California where Rockie discovered an interest in astrology. Peter died in and Rockie remained single the rest of her life. Rockie's astrology column, The Rockie Horoscope , first appeared in the L. Weekly in Rockie typically wrote a general forecast for each weekday telling about the overall astrological influences and how they would affect a given day. She would also write a general forecast for the week ahead. These would be followed by weekly sign readings for the individual sun signs.

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Her columns were known for their humor and wit. The book is divided into twelve chapters; each devoted to a single sign of the zodiac, Aries through Pisces.

Gemini by Sydney Omarr

Individual chapters are divided into two parts. In the first part of every chapter, Omarr exposes the psychological complexities inherent in each sign, thus, laying bare the subconscious desires, insecurities, fears and impulses that drive us in the realm of human relationship, sex and romance.

The second half is devoted to exploring how an individual born under that zodiac sign acts in relationship to others. This format makes it simple for the reader to match his or her sun signs to that of his or her lover, friend or foe. This book is insightful. After the service, he attended journalism courses at Mexico City College and went on to become a reporter for the United Press. Each year, he produced 13 books, one for each sign of the zodiac, and his books sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, making him a wealthy man.

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Rarely granting interviews, he appeared confident yet modest, part mystic and part everyday-Joe. When he died at age 76, Omarr showed remarkable spirit and zest for his work with syndicated publications. His column still appeared in more than newspapers.

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The old master died on January 2, , in Santa Monica, CA, after a heart attack, his ex-wife and friends at his side. His obituary was published in major newspapers across the country. I did a few months of private duty with Sydney.

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He told me that the Water Signs were apt to be the most Psychic and I have had experiences since I was seven years old.