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One Call can Change Your Life.. Problems that occur in Love Marriage:- Disagreement of the parents Sometimes partner deny for the love marriage Society norms Financial issues And many other problems apart from mentioned Above all is the problem that mostly occurs in the love marriage. As a result, love marriage includes its four possibilities:- Love Relationship Marriage Problem Solution Late Marriage Problem Solution Reasons for Delay in Marriage Disturbed Marriage Life Love Relationship Marriage Problem Solution As a result, love relationship problem solution is the best and effective remedy to get rid of all the problems that you are facing in your love marriage.

Late Marriage Problem Solution Hence in the love marriage, Couples face problem-related to late marriage.

Late Marriage in Astrology Tamil - தாமத திருமணம்

Reasons for Delay in Marriage As a result, there are several reasons for delay in marriage. Below mention are some of the reasons for delay in marriage :- Relationship of Saturn with the seventh house Weak position of the Venus Presence of malefic planets like Rahu , Ketu , Mars, and Saturn in the seventh house. You just need to provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth for the astrologer to generate your horoscope and analyze it on the following terms.

Reasons for Delay in Marriage, Late Marriage Problem Solution

As far as time for marriage is concerned Astrology can explain you in following things: In predicting the time for marriage that is the Vivah Yog and explaining the planets behind it. Aspects of horoscope for marriage prediction. The seventh house of the horoscope is indicative about the marriage of the native and Venus Shukra is the "Karaka Planet" for marriage.

Presence of a Shubha-Graha in the 7th house is generally good for marriage aspects whereas that of a Pap- Graha is not so good and may bring obstacles in marriage or married life. Generally, if Mercury is situated in the 7th house of the horoscope, it causes an early marriage. Placement of Venus in 7th house may cause early marriage too. If Moon is situated in the 7th house it may too cause and early gain of women life partner. Here early marriage may be indicative of marriage between an age of 18 to If Jupiter is situated in the 7th house then too marriage is not delayed but the presence of Sun, or the presence of the slow Planet Saturn or the presence of Mangal Dosha Karak Mars will cause a delayed marriage.

The natives should not that not only the presence of different planets in the 7th house are indicative of the time of marriage but the position of lord of 7th house, presence of Mangal dosha, aspects of different planets on 7th house and the planetary dasha the native is undergoing are all responsible for the decision of the marriage age of a person. So, one should never try to judge wrongly about the age of marriage from the placement of some planet in the 7th house.

Hence, always consult a qualified astrologer for knowing when will you get married and to know about the remedies you could follow for earlier marriage. Our Services.

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