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Aquarius and Libra together will also have many stimulating intellectual discussions about their interests and pursuits. These two work especially well together as they tend not to argue about who does what, who takes credit and who works behind the scenes versus out in the spotlight. Their ability to work together as a team. Together they can learn much more than either Sign would alone. Their accomplishments and love of socializing and new projects make theirs a highly successful relationship.

Looking for guidance? Consult a spiritual advisor now. Faced with a tough decision? ArielB Leave a comment. Aquarius horoscope predicts that many new opportunities will come your way this year! Is a good year for the Aquarius? You are likely to feel more impulsive this year, which will bring some changes in your life.

You are also more direct this year, which can also help you to get ahead.

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Be careful when it comes to getting ahead of yourself, though. Aquarius is the penultimate sign in the western zodiac. You would be an Aquarius if you were born between January 21st and February 18th. Aquarians have many great traits, as well as a few bad ones that will shape their personality.

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Aquarians tend to be friendly and honest when they are with their friends. They love to be independent and creative. They are highly intelligent people, but at times they can be unemotional and detached. All of these traits can help to define the average Aquarius zodiac horoscope for Aquarius, you are likely to feel extra passionate this year with your partner. You will feel more romantic and charming, which can easily draw new people towards you. When it comes to your current partner, your spontaneous nature will bring some fun and excitement into your marriage relationship, which is sure to spice things up a little bit.

Read about dating an Aquarius. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. If you are single, then you should go to some new places so that you can meet new people. You are much more likely to find romance with new people rather than with your friends. Also, you are likely to be more emotional around your friends and family this year.

Sex was great, he was so loving and i found myself wanting to express my love back in so many ways. We had fun together taking day trips to the beach, learning together how to make fried chicken, etc. Then things got ucomfortable. We were having so much sex it was hurting and i needed a break. He took offense and told me i was depriving him of a need. I thought this was wrong and told him so. Eventually he relented but he was sullen about it. Everything else about the relationship continued great with lots of snuggling and i felt so cared for in those moments.

He alternates between sulking and giving me hours long lectures about how much he loves me and no one in my life loves me as much as him and that i will never be blessed with this much love by anyone other than him. I know that to be so untrue. He starts going off the deep end. There was more drama. Idk what happened with him. He told me he will always love me. I still love him but i will not put up with all this negativity in my life.

I miss the good times i had with him, it really hurts to miss him. I am a Taurus man and my ex-wife was an Aquarius woman. She was overly reactive, non-practical and stubborn. I spent those 2 years in pain and agony as she was totally unable to grab any circumstances of my life and whatever I had planned for our family. Things fell apart and she demanded divorce even though I was the deserving one to ask for a divorce. Same Exact story: I am Taurus and she is Aqua and our distance relation is almost of an age 11 years. She always done the same thing you do. After that much time We are getting married and I believe that I will love her the most to her entire life because she understands me even I was not with her.

Just take him aside and tell him. Taurus men have a heart and they are very romantic. He will be totally okay with something unconventional like a teacher student love relation. So go for it. I am a Taurus Man, and just started dating an Aquarius woman two weeks ago. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met!!! She has strong Aquariun traits which often make me insecure and feeling unwanted.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I think we could have an amazing future together if we could get over some key challenges.

Her traits although majority are of a Aquarius woman. We became So close I fell for her almost instantly, so hard I eventually pushed her away. I gave her space upon her request earlier this year and 6 months later we reconnect. During that time away I was able to be free, explore and live a life without her by my side of having her to talk to. It was hard but I managed and now ever since we truly got things back on track.

My feelings for her are free once again. I fell in love with her. Very deeply. It could just be me reading into it but something feels different between us. I revealed I made a playlist for her so we listened to it. We listened to part 2. She said she really enjoyed them….

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Just wanna know from your perspective different ways to grab her attention. But afraid to push her away again and lose her for good. Hi, I am an aquarius woman in a fabulously new relationship with an amazing Taurus man. I know that I am typically outspoken and slightly extroverted in opposition to his naturally more introvert nature.

I say you should open up your feelings to her….. Hope it all works out for you both! He can be pretty demanding but when he does it I just look at him and make funny faces, then we laugh it off. We both have similar deep seated morals and value systems which allow us to come together on almost everything, even if we arrive there after thinking differently abou thtings. He has a weird relationship with his siblings — they are sort of petty with each other.

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I stay out of it. Update: he was such a douche bag! Realised he was playing games with me and chucked him. Beware of Taurus Men and their psychological warfare! You have a lot of issues to work through before you consider a relationship in my opinion. Read the four agreements x.

But let me start off at the beginning to give you all some insight into our relationship and maybe you could help me through this lol. Ok so we met a few weeks ago and he caught my eye straight away. I approached him for something other than dating but straight away he began texting me. He was really complimentary, saying I had beautiful eyes and smile and lots of really nice thing.

Seemed very keen to be honest. We worked together a little after meeting on a project of mine in which he pretty much kept to himself. Later on we texted again but this time I wanted him to, he had caught my eye by his cool demeanor.. So let me continue…We spoke on txt where I thanked him for his assistance. The week continued with lots of texts…Good morning txt every morning, lengthy talks through out the day. We ended up meeting up over the weekend and just sat and talked for hours.

I did notice a slight analysis trait that day though… He kept bugging me about my parking skills. Which I laughed off but took note of. The day ended nicely. The next day however, when I woke up there was no good morning txt. The Tuesday came around and it was the same thing, this time I messaged him but was replied back with 1 word answers, 2 word answers. I then got a message late that evening with a weird jumbled excuse about his phone. He continued like this for a couple more days and I had enough. Of course he replied early the next morning completely confused as to why I felt the way I do but expressed how much he wants to continue getting to know me.

So I stayed in the game. I say game because he continued this weird charade for next few days of the next week. I tried to flirt and shake it off as I had read the articles of Taurus men being randomly distant to watch or test females out. Again I suggested friends or nothing at all and awaited the explosion once he read my message. So of course I now feel bad for overreacting and want to make things Ok… We talk and the next day the morning txt returns. Conversations start to flow slowly but surely after that, I spontaneously suggested to go out that weekend but it clashed with his plans.

He then decides to reschedule and plan a date for us instead…so the week goes by with us talking more and flirting a bit. We meet mid week and chat for hours.

I would catch him out the corner of my eye! The first time I noticed it I was like wtf! Because I had read lots of comments saying the same thing! Weird right! We have our date and go to the movies…when we get there he does that Anal thing again! Starts telling me how I should park, like really telling me like a driving instructor! At 1 point he reached for the gear stick, didnt touch it but I said wooh and brushed his hand away like wtf. I can handle his little anal instructions but reaching for the stick is way to far!

As the night continued we began to get closer. We left the movies and just sat in the car and spoke for another hour. I must admit I was curious to find out what everyone meant by the Taurus male being possessive. To test me out? How are you and that tarus man?

That whole driving thing is dead on. Lol happened to me their so incontroll. Kunjus Thank you so much for you very articulate and very well written response to this article. This help me so much I am in the same situation with a long time Taurus friend. I have been a little bit hesitant because of our differences, not sure if it will work, had very concerned about loosing a really good friend.

But you have given me the hope and confidence to move forward to the loving relationship that deep down inside I know we could have. Thank You……. I am an Aquarius girl in love with a Taurus guy. We have been best friends for 6 years and now in love for 6 months. Yes, it is true that we are entirely different individuals, different thoughts, different vision..

He is a very practical person. We have different opinions and we think in different ways about the same thing. There is no end to our conversations. We speak day and night. We can go on talking for hours. Still we feel like we have a lot more to discuss. We understand each other perfectly. There will be no other guy on this earth who can understand me to this level. Even he feels the same.

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He says this often to me that till this day in his life, there is no one who is more understanding than me, with which he is more comfortable than me. The best thing that I like in our relationship is the transparency and honesty in our relationship. He is a completely trustable guy.. I never knew that guys can be so faithful and committed. He can discuss anything and everything with me. And I ensure that I understand things from his point of view. He as my best friend and he as my lover are completely, entirely different. When we were friends, though we both used to get jealous when any other guy or girl comes, it was within limits.

But as a boyfriend, initially I felt he is too demanding and over possessive.

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His watchful eyes will be always on me. My smiles, my talks, my facial expressions when I talk to other guys, everything was monitored. I felt very uncomfortable. Me, being an Aquarian is very friendly. Smiling, laughing and talking with colleagues and acquaintances is my usual way of communicating. Everything was questioned. I felt suffocated. I felt irritated. I have never even thought about another guy.