Toronto star horoscope january 29

By midday, you will become more introspective than you have been in a while. As a result, you might discover that you have a different perspective about a certain matter. Make necessary adjustments.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, November 11, | Georgia Nicols

Tonight: Early to bed. This Week: You hit your power days of the month on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friends surround you. Know that you need to stick to your original plans. A certain amount of spontaneity will happen naturally. A friend depends on you to come through for him or her.

A young person is likely to initiate a conversation. Tonight: Think outside the box.

Moon Alert

This Week: Use Monday and Thursday for important dealings with others. You might not have realized that you were going to play such an active role today. It appears that an older friend or family member needs your attention. A loved one with whom you usually spend your time could feel deprived of your presence. Tonight: A must appearance. Keep reaching out to someone you care about. This person might be unusually tired or withdrawn.

A conversation will help him or her reassess his or her opinions about a certain situation.


Horoscope for Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

Tonight: Let others decide. Others seem to fall into line with ease. Your perspective could change radically if you decide to relax and go with the moment. Laughter surrounds you once a loved one emerges; he or she has been withdrawn for a while.

Tonight: Get into a spontaneous happening. You are capable of making great choices. Nevertheless, a close loved one could decide to run with the ball and make plans for both of you. Even if you would prefer to do something else, go along with whatever he or she chooses. The results will be better. Tonight: Listen to a partner. You have a lot to accomplish. How you proceed and what you decide to do needs to remain in your hands, as only you know how much you can handle.


You unintentionally might cut someone off midconversation. Tonight: An intense conversation emerges from out of the blue. You might want to head in a certain direction without having to explain every action and decision. Nevertheless, a loved one needs that type of time and consideration. Be sure to schedule some time for a chat with this person. Tonight: Dinner at a favourite hamburger joint. You might want to do certain activities, but a demanding domestic situation and a need to have an important conversation could push you in a different direction.

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