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I did go through a brief mother fantasy phase in my early 20s, but it passed quickly and has yet to return. I have expressed my Leo-5th house-Jupiter by teaching art to kids and giving somewhat extravagant presents to the children in my circle of friends and family. My mothering appears to reserved for cats ;. We did have some fertility issues and I was 38 when I gave birth. My due date was Feb He was born on his due date and a major Aquarius. During the pregnancy I had to have major surgery in 5th month to remove a cyst.

High risk and delicate procedure but everything went fine. He was born in perfect health and full-term. Maybe knowing the eclipse was coming gave me hope. As for family signatures, Gemini is important for several of us. My niece has Gemini AC. I have Sun combust Mercury—would that explain it? I have 3 lovely daughters, but we are not close, a source of great pain for me. Great post! Unfortunately I have Saturn in the 5th. My 5th house is also in Capricorn…I guess this is really bad news then? Otherwise I have Uranus and Neptune in the 5th house, too.

Does that mean I can still hope for more than one child? With three planets in the 5th, you definitely could have more than one child. I take it that you were born between , in that subgeneration with Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn, much of that time in a triple conjunction. Naturally, it might fall in any one of the 12 houses, with about a 1 in 12 chance that it would be the 5th. I take outer planet combinations like this one or like the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the s to show world conditions that deeply affect the lives of the whole group born with it. Yours is a generation that will be deeply affected by earth changes and overcrowding, and will have to find the solutions to it.

Since it is in the 5th for you, you may feel a special responsibility to children, not only your own but children around the world or here at home who have not been so lucky or well-cared for. Neptune is often involved with adoptions, so you could possibly decide to adopt children from other countries or special needs kids—or to be a foster mother to such kids.

By: Donna Cunningham on February 11, at am. I have one child consciously conceived at Uranus opposition time at age He is a 13 degree Sag, his Sun exactly conjuct my own North Node and his Uranus is exactly opposite my own Uranus at 22 Cancer which is in my 2nd house. Our powerhouse conjunctions square each other. With his being in my 6th house. My son has his third house at 13 degrees Libra. I am hoping that this Saturn transit through my 5th house with that Scorpio Neptune which is my 10th house ruling planet and also of my Pisces Sun shapes me up into the creative individual I used to enjoy being.

So that my son can enjoy that part of me that has been squelched for a long time and create with me.

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He is very talented artistically and musically. I feel like I must really focus on him and his talents right now. His Saturn is in Pisces in his 7th and mine is in Sagittarius in my 6th. Could it be his Saturn conjoining my Sun which causes him to be so hyper critical of me and everything I do, think, say? My Saturn is at 2 degrees Sag so is not exactly on top of his 13 degree Sag Sun. What comes to me immediately is the question of who was parent to who and in how many past lives. By: Donna Cunningham on February 17, at am. Thank you Donna… though it may sound strange-he spiritually called out to me and I answered his call for conception though I had no man in my life I definitely felt the need to conceive right then in early … think it was March 14th.

I found his being born with the same degree as my NNode and the Uranus opposite Uranus exact to almost the second unusual. He and my mother were born 60 years apart and her progressed Sun was at his 13 degree Sag Sun too. They are very close and actually more alike and compatible than he and I are. One good thing about being older is having experienced the cycles of Saturn before in your houses. The last time Saturn was in my 5th, I was at the absolute peak of my creative work.

My son also has had his progressed Sun go into 0 Capricorn squaring my 0 Libra moon… an aspect that with other people has proven to be a painful relationship. By: Donna Cunningham on February 17, at pm. It seems likely, and maybe more than one, but would also depend on aspects to those planets. By: Donna Cunningham on April 14, at pm. I had an ectopic pregnancy, which was life threatening. I am sending you my Birth Details. I am new to astrology, so am not sure if I am explaining this correctly. I have one planet in my fifth house and that is the Moon.

The fifth house and the Moon are in Aquarius. My moon trines midheaven venus and mercury and is sextile to neptune. The Sun also trines my moon.. My big question though is this. However, one thing we all remembered was that it mentioned me having three boys. I am pregnant with my third son now, but woudl like to have more children and perhaps a girl. I do not understand how she figured this out or if anyone is able to tell me if I may have a girl or more children. Thank you! This was a very interesting article, and kind of blew my mind. My first child- son 36 , is a Sag, second-daughter 34 is Pisces, third-daughter 29 is also Aries.

I loved being a mom and enjoyed raising my children, and had close relationships with my daughters, not so much with my son. Their father died last year and all three stopped talking to me — transferred anger and unresolved issues, according to a psychologist. From your information, which is new to me, I surmise that all the energy from being a mom is now being transferred to the two houses where most of my planets,etc.

Very interesting info indeed, which I will meditate upon. Thank you very much. Hi, Stefani, what a painful situation. By: Donna Cunningham on May 4, at pm. Late to the post, but……. I have Gemini on the 5th cusp, it is also on the 4th….. I have 3 sons, 2 of them were born 3 days short of a yr apart! My youngest is 4 yrs younger, and on my 7th cusp is Leo sibling to the 5th house , that is the sign of his Asc! Dear Donna! This was very interesting post! Still one question is torturing me: I have huge stellium in my 5th house.

Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune — all of them are there. Plus there are my progressed Mars and also Venus Retrograde which moved from the 6th house. No doubt, 5th house issues are very important for me but I have not succeed in any of them. Clearly, most of my houses are empty with their rulers in the 5th. So, I think that I cannot use their potentials because they are locked out n the 5th house which appears to me very loaded and heavy.

I lose in every aspect of my life. I wonder if anybody has experienced the same or could give some advice how to solve this problem. I have Uranus and Saturn conjunct also and was deeply unhappy during my 20s, until I found astrology and discovered I was meant to be an astrologer just around my Saturn return. It has been a very fulfilling career. You have not, however, been uniquely singled out for misery and torture, but are unstead part of a vast generation of young people all around the globe.

Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were all in Capricorn during parts of In the winter months of those years, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn joined the parade. Those stelliums are extremely uncommon from a historical perspective, yet represent personal obstacles and opportunities for that entire subgeneration. Vast numbers of people your age were born around the globe in that era with stelliums of four to six planets in Capricorn.

How many are we talking about? The birth rate in the U. According to long-range census statistics, the U. So, who knows, maybe the number of children born worldwide in those winter months of was only , a day, or even ,? With Mercury the mind conjunct Saturn and Neptune, it is extremely important not to let the imagination run rampant into some negative, dark future but instead to discipline it. By: Donna Cunningham on June 16, at am. Donna, thank you for reply! You have rightly guessed.

I really belong to the generation. Indeed, my problems are very common among my subgeneration. We stand out from the rest of young population with our stubbornness and heavy mindedness. Too much of Capricorn is there. I am happy to hear that someday I will be able to use potentials of Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. The secret behind service is that you always get so very much more than you give. And, who knows, it might even lead to a vocation. By: Donna Cunningham on June 17, at am. This was a very stressful time for me, though if possible, I would go there again. You are absolutely right.

I would do such volunteer work with great enthusiasm, but now this work is not really available for me.

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Nothing supernatural—I got your name—or part of it- from your email address, which shows on my screen though not to the other readers. Perhaps dealing with AIDS children is too drastic, since a Mercury-Neptune conjunction would make you like a psychic spongue. Help a neighbor child or something manageable.

Mother has a Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Libra. I read saturn in the 5th also shows you being someone who was not accepted as an individual, and felt unloved as a consequence. I guess my kids will either be crazy, or crippled… The funny thing is I never, ever, ever, ever even considered the possibility of having kids. I was always told I would grow out of it with age, but am 22 now and not feeeling much better.

But I would really love to mother a relatively big family some day. By: Liane Shaira Lee on July 15, at pm. Hi, Liane, pregnancy itself is more related to the 8th. By: Donna Cunningham on July 16, at am. By: Dawn Chipchase on August 3, at am. By: Donna Cunningham on August 3, at am. By: nray on August 3, at am. Hi, I have a lot of planets in the 5th house, some good ones and some bad ones — Moon Libra Mars Libra In the 8th house I have Venus. I am quite worried about not being able to have kids haven t tried yet or having some serious problems with them, based on interpretation by one astrologist.

Interesting is that so many planets here are in Libra. I don t know whether there is any connection to parents when it comes to this house, but my mother was a Libra and she committed suicide when I was 18 in year I also did not have the best relationship to her, not that we fighted or something like that but I always felt that we were not so close to eachother as a mother and a daughter should be, while I adored my father. I have Cancer on the 5th house, ruled by Libra moon in the 7th. My mom was a Cancer who had six children. Out of 3 pregnancies all unplanned , I had one live birth after my Saturn return.

My Taurus daughter has an Aquarius moon. Capricorn is on her 5th house, which is also home to Neptune and Mars. Saturn rules the 5th from the 4th house in Sadge. Transiting Pluto is now in her 5th house and may trigger something — not sure it will be a pregnancy. She lives with her boyfriend and the relationship may be unraveling or becoming unhealthy. Am encouraging her to take dance and yoga classes to have more fulfillment during this transit. Jupiter, which rules the house, is located in the 4th house in Cancer, squared by Libra moon. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I have an empty 5th house aquarius, opposite my sun leo in the 11th. I never wanted children and do not like being around children, nor do I like dating men with kids of any age. Just how I am. My father never laid a hand on me. I wonder if this has something to do with my abhorrence for child bearing or being near any kind of child under any circumstances? Does anyone have any insight to this? Anything that has to do with kids, I am thee exact opposite. Tried to have my tubes tied at age 19, but had to wait until I was 26 and having an absolute fit when someone tried to tell me how I should feel and what I should think about life regarding children.

Greatest day of my life was my tying my tubes without ever bearing a kid. This is pretty deep, man. Still trying to understand this deep dislike I have for brats. Just no parenting skills. How can a person not like kids when they were a kid and during the time when they were a kid!?

In the summer of when I was 10, I consciously made the decision not to have children. I told my useless mother about my decision and she just looked at me like I was nuts. I think the positive thing is that you recognized early on that kids should not be part of your life plan and you took steps to make that so. It saved you—and any possible children—from what could have been a very unhappy situation.

Children who shriek at the top of their voices in restaurants and their parents do nothing ruin dining out for everyone. By: Donna Cunningham on January 3, at pm. Hallo Donna, thank you for your notes here. I should go sleep and I stayed all night wake up reading your text and comments. I will be 33yo this year and because I am a Cancer with the ASC in Scorpion, I never was thinking about something else then to have children and to write two books, one roman and another about spirituality, Universe, etc.

However I never can find men which will want the children with me, so as I have clear mind, I never can push the male to have children, but as I am older and older I start to be very sad about it. My boyfriend told me he dont want children, also. That he dont want to bring child to this world, he is 5 yo younger then me. As my 5th houses its empty, have a sign Aries, and Pisces. I am not good at astrology like you are here, I also looked at my boyfriend and he have two planets in the 5th house — Neptun and Jupiter, maybe he hide before me one secreat that he even can have already one child when he was studing abroad:- I am not sure about it.

And the second planet Neptun in 5th house with red line Venus in 8th house in Pisces,. I know he could have also another partner with who he can have children, but I was interested about it, Actually, I dont know what its all mean as I think he can have one his child and his woman can have dificulty with that pregnancy but this child will be wanted and also he can have another children from the side of his partner , so he will be step-father to that child or adopted from abroad?

My natal 5th house is empty, I am a sag with leo boy girl twins, had them when I was 33 and I became preg living abroad. Saturn for me retrograded in my 4th house. I have jupiter, mars and saturn in my 5th house in leo. The saturn is very close the 6th house. Hi, Gildas. People never seem to talk about that as a good compatability factor, but it makes for an easy connection as you do many things the same way without even having to talk about it.

By: Donna Cunningham on June 15, at am. Really interesting post. Happy to hear all positives stories about loved childs. I also love children they make my heart sing. A friend of mine keep saying you must have a child you will be healed trough having a child. The world is full of children who needs grow ups showing love.

Im 37 soon Yes I have alot of love but a child need so much practical stuff also. And I have learned trough all my life to bee so independent so a child would change my life so complete and I also love tranqulity but also love when things happen so not totally easy to get this opposites alltogether. I have Neptune in Sagittarius in my Second house.

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Scorpio ruling my Second house. I have North node in Sagittarius in the Third house. Taurus is ruling my eight house. I also have Saturn in Cancer in Ninth house. Capricorn also rules my fourth house… But I think that the thing confuse the most is that I have a Stellium in the the Twelfth house in opposition to my Moon in the Sixth house. And Virgo also rules my Twelfth house. That I can hug others children and that animals can be like children also. My friend nagging every day now and saying: You just fooling yourself.

You would be the best mum in the world. Im not so shore of that. Do you have any refelections any att all would be interesting. Love, light Marianne. Nice post.. My 5th house is Virgo, ruled by Mercury and house by Mars. Mercury is in the 6th house. I had 3 abortions and sad I have no children. I believe in astrology! Interesting post, really…. Ruler of the Ascendant is Venus found in late Leo 11th House, in conjunction with Leo Saturn just 1 degree away and Moon at 0 degreesin Virgo 2 degrees away.

I also have Mars in 11th House. So I have Cancer Midheaven ruler in 11th house, ascendant ruler Venus in 11th house, 4th house ruler Saturn in 11th house, 7th house ruler Mars in 11th house. My empty 5th house is in late Aquarius with Uranus in Scorpio in 2nd house, sextiling Mars in Virgo, squaring Mercury ruling 12th and 9th in Leo and trining Midheaven and also trining Sun and Jupiter.

I had an abortion when I was 20 wrong moment and father to keep the baby now I am 34 and thinking more and more about having children. Unfortunately I am single for 2 years now because I have to say I am very picky when it comes with men. I had 3 long relationships and remained friends with the 3 men maybe this is 11th house influence about friendship Somehow I expect that when Saturn ruler of my 4th will be in Scorpio exactly conjuncting my natal 12degrees Uranus ruler of my 5th in Scorpio and also trining my natal Sun, Jupiter and Midheaven in Cancer I will be able to conceive…if I will find a man: Neptune is also transiting my 5th house opposing early Virgo Moon and late Venus and Saturn but also will trine my natal Uranus.

I have so many doubts about having kids because all the people around me discourage me about this. Normally I am a very happy and optimistic person, highly artistic I am a songwriter and also an artist , good looking and good health. What do you thing about it? I wonder if the fact that I have taurus too will change things in a more positive way. By: annawelikeyourstyle on October 30, at am. I will make a prediction about your fifth house. By: pinky on December 10, at pm. Hi Pinky; Thank you so much for your reply. By: annawelikeyourstyle on December 11, at am.

Give the hope to God and ask him to give children. By: lashmi on June 10, at pm.

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By: zoraidagitana on June 29, at am. My family validates almost all this info! My mother had three kids. Uranus in Aries was in her 5th, and my parents thought their first son was a genius. He was very intelligent, a daredevil, super-hyper, and very neurotic. She had Pluto in the 9th, and my younger brother is Scorpio rising. Excelllent examples, Colleen. These astrological patterns definitely run in families.

I thiink Erin Sullivan has a major book on the astrology of family relationships. By: Donna Cunningham on January 9, at am. This is odd I was just thinking about this post, we will go for IVF next month but the chances are really low, I guess I have the worst chart ever for this matters. By: Anna on January 9, at am. Okay, yes I found it. God bless you all. Anna, I was just reading your post, and wondered if you could look at alternatives, to help with your fertility. IVF can take such a huge toll, physically and mentally. Saturn in the 5th, as Carmen points, could mean late parenthood and a very responsible one at that.

A sister of one of my friends , struggled for years and years to get pregnant. She then decided to try out acupuncture for relaxation. It turned out this helped to keep her monthly cycle regular. She eventually became pregnant. It may be something like checking the hormonal levels are at optimum level, rather than opting for IVF. Good luck!

By: zoraidagitana on February 11, at am. Her name is Nikki Smuts, look up her site on the internet. Dear Donna, Thank you for this site. I have very worrying situation which seems to be due to my planetary arrangements of horoscope. The 5th house of mine is Leo ruled by Sun and Mars is there. The Sun is in Libra, with the zero power.

My husband 5th house ruler is also have zero power. Please reply. By: Donna Cunningham on January 12, at pm. Dear Donna, I greatly thank for your kind quick reply. Yes, Asha. The 5th house is the children you raise; the 8th is about childbirth. By: Donna Cunningham on January 13, at am. This is so interesting, Donna. My mother, whose big painful secret was that she had to give her first-born daughter up for adoption, had Chiron in her 8th house conjunct my 8th house South Node.

Oh, the 8th house is about childbirth then? I have Leo on 8th house cusp. What do you mean with childbirth? The experience of giving birth to a child. Hmm This article makes me wonder what a 5th house moon opposed by Saturn in the 11th would mean for a woman. I have this placement and at 27 have never been pregnant. My significant other has a child already and is looking to gain full custody. His saturn conjuncts mine natally so who knows. Not entirely sure how that affects any of this but it all seems so potent and intense!

One of my friends has got Venus in the 5th squaring Saturn in the 2nd. She tried to get pregnant, but failed. When transitting Saturn conjoined her Venus — at age 35 — she suddenly got pregnant, and got another child two years later when transitting Saturn was still inn her 5th. By: rigmorrita on February 11, at am. I have an empty fifth house, ruled by virgo…literally no Virgo in my chart. The strange thing about what your saying is for me personally, I adore my children, they are the centerfold in my life and my main focus!!!!

I seriously feel like I was meant to just have a million babies haha…could you point to where else indicates children!? Guess what though! By: lashmi on April 21, at pm. Look for information on conception by the Moon, also the website of Nikki Smuts, an English astrologer who works with gynecologists with good success. By: Donna Cunningham on April 21, at pm. I have Jupiter in my 7th house. What does it mean? I looked in a few websites but i could not find a thing. Can you help me? I am retired from doing consultations. I believe, however, that there may be a post about empty houses on this blog, so try the onsite search engine.

By: Donna Cunningham on June 29, at am. Donna or anyone, I have mercury, moon, south node and Sun in the fifth house. I make a rocking aunt, just not really into the whole motherhood thing. By: Donna Cunningham on July 27, at pm. Since I was about 18 yrs. From losing too much blood and not being strong enough to recover. She has a stellium — six planets — all in Capricorn in her 5th house. Because she does not get periods, is that an indication of all the Capricorn Saturn in her chart, especially the 5th house?

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  • Is it likely she will never have children? As I said, I am not a pro, and a friend of mine you used to read for referred me to your blog — which I am grateful for! I merely told her that with all that Capricorn there that she may well be headed in a direction of creativity instead of having children. Did I do wrong?? By: sharontenneypsychicmedium on August 5, at pm.

    Hi, Sharon, your daughter is part of a very unusual generation born in with a Capricorn stellium that includes a very rare triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Every single child on the planet born in and six months of had this conjunction, millions of them world wide. I have been studying them for several years now. By: Donna Cunningham on August 5, at pm. Thanks, Donna.

    If you are ever interviewing children from that time period she was actually born in Feb. I always look forward to what she will do next! Thanks so much for your reply. By: sharontenneypsychicmedium on August 6, at am. She might be interested in the 4-week fall seminar I and Gretchen Lawlor are doing for young people with those stelliums. Stay tuned for an announcement. By: Donna Cunningham on August 6, at pm. I have a completely empty 5th house, house cusp is Pisces, ruler of the house cusp is in the 3rd house in Sag.

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    There is nothing which indicates children, but I have a daughter who is a Libra. And I was 22 when I gave a birth, so I was pretty young as well. So what does that mean then? Why would I hate you if your experience is different? There are lots of factors involved. As I hope I mentioned in the article, when there are major transits passing through the 5th house, children are likely to come into your life, whether by birth or adoption, or sometimes just in your job or because your best friend has had a child.

    By: Donna Cunningham on August 6, at am. Thank you Donna: My daughter was planned but it still has something to do with transits? Transits show the action, they do not create it. Have you tracked your transits for her birth? The planets in her natal chart are the transits at the time of her birth. As I may have mentioned in the article, the 8th house is childbirth itself, so check transits there too. I looked at both my parents charts and they both got an empty 5th house both ruled by Aries. My brother, sister, and mother all have Mars conjunct in Libra.

    That squares both my Mars in Cancer and my dads Mars in Capricorn,. All 3 of us got Venus 45 degrees away from the Sun plus all in the same phase. Another astrologer got a bunch of writings on the meaning of Venus in different phases. By: Donna Cunningham on August 25, at am. My suggestion would be that you write to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope Magazine for an interpretation in her advice column. Include your date, time, and place of birth plus more detailed information about these questions. For instance what field are you in, what exactly are your financial issues, and are you married?

    Send the email care of dmclafferty dellmagazines. By: Donna Cunningham on September 22, at am. Thanks for this super informative post! I have Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th, and have one child, a Sag. Funny with that placement, right? Although my Jupiter does square Saturn. And Chiron! Pretty sure our little family has Uranus prominently as well.

    I got pregnant with t. Uranus conjunct my sun, and have a mars uranus conjunction which squares my sun and mercury. My partner has mars in aquarius and uranus in the 4th. Our son has an aquarius moon, and sun square uranus as well, but signs opposite mine, so that my sun conjuncts his uranus, and vice versa, and my suns degree is his exact IC cusp. By: caroline on September 27, at am. Donna Cunningham. By: Donna Cunningham on January 5, at am. I could not understand the reply. Should i deem this as a bias answering the questions asked. Is there a diff in western and oriental astrology… does science has bias ….

    Answer me … surely i will not bother you again Donna.

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    What I am trying to say is that in the codes of ethics for various Western astrology organizations, it is considered unethical to predict death, and I fully agree with that principle. Also, vedic astrology has the knowledge of how to predict death, whereas western astrology does not. No bias is intended. By: Donna Cunningham on January 11, at am.

    The 8th house cusps by Venous. Had recurrent miscarriages and no children. So Sad but I am educated. By: Donna Cunningham on January 10, at am. My husband, myself and our first born son are all Leos. We jokingly call ourselves the Leo Trio because the constellation Leo has three galaxies in it which is referred to as the Leo Trio. From what I know about us Leos is that we are very prideful and self righteous at times, however my trio family and I get along great. Do you think this is a match made in heaven, or what? Saturn in the fifth here. Pregnant at 24, easy pregnancy, easy delivery.

    Wonderful, loving, affectionate child. Therefore, I do not believe that planets in the 5th indicate the nature, gender or amount of children. The first positive comment in this whole thread about saturn in the 5th. I think saturn gets a bad wrap. In my studies saturn is rewarding over discipline and time and can gift greater than jupiter.

    Saturn shifts come with maturity and wisdom as well as structure and practice. My cousin has a grand trinw with saturn in the fifth pieces moon in the first and Uranus in the 8th in libra. Saturn semi squares get venus in the 12th conjunct asc. She is 42 with a son who she feels is from a deep past life. Even though there were previous losses when she was young like mc, she still had a child.

    A lot of this ominous thinking comes from fear of saturn. Also squares are still contacts and wanting to find resolution. Sometimes that might create ibs rivals but by no means impossibilities. I need someone to read my children and their genders in my birthchart.. By: naddy on April 8, at pm.

    By: Donna Cunningham on April 8, at pm. Easy pregnancy and delivery. Pregnant at 24; delivered at 25 — the ideal age for a first child. I have a natal Moon-Venus trine, which makes me very fertile despite my Moon being in detriment in Capricorn. Hello my dear!! But I have a question that has caused me some confusion. My fifth house is empty, however having children has always been so important to me, I remember being little and always wanting to play mommy, as an adult I still yearn to have many children. I have two girls… Interesting enough both are Virgo babes and my fifth house ruler is Virgo!

    Taurus rising some charts show me having an interception in which Leo is actually house ruler of 4th and 5th, making my 6th house ruler Virgo and in my 6th house I have a Scorpio moon and Scorpio Pluto. By: Donna Cunningham on July 10, at am. Sag is intercepted, as the 5th starts in Scorpio and ends in Cap. No planets in those signs.

    Oh, plenty of things. I call the 5th house the Fun House, because it represents all kinds of recreational and creative endeavors, not to mention the biggest kick of all—a great romance. With Mars there, you might have a great quickening of life force energy by regular practice of some sort of sport or exercise program. You might be surprised to find yourself enlivened by some kind of competition, even games. By: Donna Cunningham on July 11, at am. I thought it was a kinda natal promise so to say… plus with Jupiter in rulership I thought I would be given what I want…. Do you tend to agree with this idea?

    We astrologers tend to specialize and cannot possibly be versed in every specialization within the vast field of astrology. It encompasses everything from psychological astrology, which is my specialty, to medical to horary to electional to mundane to the stock market and a dozen more branches. Try visiting the site of Nikki Smuts, a famous British astrologer who works in that branch of astrology, and who works with doctors there. She is most def not an expert on conception and was rather ominous. I will check this link out… hoping its a better one to send to a friend as my experience with Eileene was a huge downer that took a long while to get over even to find the courage to pursue my pregnancy.

    She had so many wonderful credentials and lots of experience I thought she would have been more conscience of the info she delivered to a client. By: Donna Cunningham on March 17, at am. This is great. Although there is no mention of cusp signs on the 5th. My half sister has the same placement and works with young teen mothers. Saturn in Gemini also can indicate twins or extremely mental , communicative relationship with your child. Hello Donna! If you are still replying here, do you work with interceptions? I have a whole document of astrology-related to children, and have thought of many names for both genders.

    I would love some comments, Thank you! By: Jennifer A. Harroun on December 19, at pm. Hi, Jennifer. The thing about interceptions is that they might be different with different house systems—meaning you can wind up with different signs on the cusps in Placidus, Koch, equal house or whole sign houses. Thus, in interpreting a house, in I pay more attention to any planets in a house plus the signs of those planets. Planets are always stronger than cusp signs, as they describe the action going on in that house. By: Donna Cunningham on December 19, at pm. Im very curious to know if having the ruling planet in its own house strengthens the likelihood of passing that sign onto ones children?

    I have capricorn on my 5th house cusp and saturn in the 5th but in Aquarius. Looking at my chart, it almost seems as if my mothers side of the family I am also the first born gave me a huge interweaving of Saturn and the sun, as I have a leo sun in the 11th house as well as Saturn in 5th. It almost seems as if I do have a child, they are destined to be Saturnian!

    By: Donna Cunningham on January 20, at pm. No children yet. The only thing I am sure of is that it is dueto saturn. I have a stellium of saturn,mars and moon in a conjunction with jupiter a 10 degrees apart in intercepted Virgo!!! The ruler of 5th — sun is square this stellium and opposite neptune in 8th house. Seems a complete puzzle to me! Our family ruler is Mercury. My husband has sun, moon, saturn and north node in virgo. My oldest daughter has virgo rising and virgo moon scorpio sun. We are the virgo family for sure! And my father was a heavy capricorn: sun,mercury,venus,mars,saturn.

    By: narina on June 1, at am. Is fascinating how many people I know who had two children or two pregnancies have either Mercury or Gemini in the 5th house, Even more often the ruler of the 5th is in Gemini. Anyone have a square between 5th and 8th? I have hormonal issues that make pregnancy a sensitive issue that would require a plan. Donna says 8th house describes birth and 5th house discribes the child… Feel free to chime in fellow 5th housers! Reblogged this on bunnyrabbitsworld. I am a daycare worker by profession — studied Early Childhood Education in college Sagittarius and often interact with children from other cultures diversified in my work in schools and daycares.

    My son is a musician Venus and I also bring music into my work.

    MOON SIGNS: Part 2 (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

    I totally love what I do and have done for the past thirty years or so and regard it more as a fun interest than a job. I write songs and stories for children Mercury in the 5th and have also written movie scripts 5th house as well as novels, poetry and travel blogs. I shine in philosophy, religion and New Age truth. I am fascinated by other cultures. My grandchildren are girls 2 who are beautiful Venus in 5 as is my son handsome — they are the beautiful people, but then, so are all children! In Jupiter will enter my 3rd house and sextile Saturn transiting my 5th house.

    Wish me luck! By: Maureen on February 28, at pm. Great description of those 5th house placements, Maureen. Since Jupiter, like Sag and the 9th house, has to do with both publishing and education, your luck at marketing your manuscript might be enhanced by taking a writing course. By: Donna Cunningham on February 28, at pm.

    I also have a podcast called Unclassified Woman for women who are childfree or childless but creating lives of purpose and meaning beyond traditional paradigms. Many of these women are very creative and are birthing many things, just not necessarily biological children. My partner has two children though too.

    By: Michelle McGrath on March 13, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on March 14, at am. Hi, I love reading your blog sometimes and you have very interesting posts, especially this one! The fifth house is one of my favorites and very important to me. I have a a stellium in this house with three planets in Sagittarius: sun, mercury, and Pluto. By the way, my older sister has moon in cancer in her 5th house. She has 3 children right now.

    One of them happens to have a cancer sun in the 4th house whadya know lol and another child with a cancer rising and Jupiter in cancer conjunct her ascendant from the 12th house. Hi, I have Saturn in my 5th with Capricorn on the cusp Aquarius takes half the house and is my family sign. Never thought about having kids until now that im 26 years old.

    Im worried I might have trouble, since Saturn is the only planet there aspecting Venus in Taurus and Moon in Aries-, both in 8th house- and Jupiter in Cancer in 10th house. The Venus aspect being a sextile and Moon and Jupiter harsh aspects. I have a feeling I can have one very nice childbirth experience but difficulty raising the child.

    My question is, I want to direct my profession toward children school,art, childrens books Would this be wise? Hi, Tami. Saturn in the 5th and Capricorn on the Cusp would certainly go along with having a child later in life, but also can indicate using your creative gifts professionally to help children in the ways you describe. By: Donna Cunningham on September 26, at pm. Hi Donna, I have been following this blog for a while, thank you for the post and sharing with us.

    I appreciate if you could help, thanks in advance. By: Donna Cunningham on September 27, at pm. I have empty 5th house Gemini. What does this mean. I also would love to hear donna expand on the ruler of the 5th. In this. This was a great form and post that got alot of replies. Dosent the 11th represent the house of wishes and dreams and friendships too? I have gemini on rhe fith and my mercury is conjunct jupiter in the first house pices. Please guide us! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

    You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Sky Writer Donna Cunningham's Blog on astrology, healing, and writing. What if the 5th house is empty? Will you be childless? Mr Melber has a 39th birthday upcoming - born March 31, in Seattle, Washington. Below you see a speculative natal horoscope for Ari Melber as timed by that day's Full Moon which perfected 11Lib03 at am PST in Seattle; I'm not going to make a big deal about the chart but here it is in case anyone ever wants it--the Full Moon version, that is.

    Because to me, his day of birth is cosmically imprinted with the rays of a Full Moon 11Lib03, no matter his accurate hour and minute of birth. As you see penned on the chart messily as usual! What do you think? See chart for sextile details provided by Barbara Hand Clow as notated above the natal chart. And since the page linked above states that Mr. Melber married in , divorced in , I'll gingerly mention that his chart displays a telling Venus-Uranus opposition which tends a native toward problematic relationships that, in order to last, must be supported by stability from other factors in the chart and psyche for best results.

    A strong, sober Saturn is always helpful - his Rx in critical, discerning Mercury-ruled Virgo, and in wide opposition with thinking Mercury in creative Pisces. Yet with any contact between lovely Venus and quirky Uranus, relationships can be and usually are, exciting while they last! Then what about his Sun Aries-Moon Libra personality blend of conscious and unconscious energies? Some personality traits can be seen on his MSNBC show The Beat , Ari's love of rap music is well known, and music references tend to turn up on his show in segments and in his commentary.